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The Augsburg Confession states that the “one holy Christian the assembly of all believers among whom the Gospel is preached in its purity and the holy sacraments are administered according to the Gospel.” (AC, Art.VII). Therefore, as Lutherans, we understand that the heart of what it means to be the Church is to be gathered together around the Word and Sacraments. This primary gathering is the liturgy of the Holy Eucharist on Sundays, but we also provide numerous supplemental worship opportunities.

Midweek, spoken (ca. 30 min.)
Eucharist is celebrated:

Mondays at 9:30am

Tuesdays at 12 noon

Wednesdays at 5:30pm

Thursdays at 11:40am

Matins (Morning Prayers)
(before Bible Study) at 10am

Matins is one of the historic daily prayer offices and focuses on praying together the psalms and hearing God’s Word.

Additionally, Evening Prayer (Vespers)
is offered occasionally on
 and during Advent and Lent








Our services

Through the means of grace, we are God's people
being renewed in a liturgical community that acknowledges
its roots and diversity: challenging, teaching, healing,
and caring for the people of God.
We are a family in this place, the offspring of Christ,
brothers and sisters in faith.


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Gloria Dei Lutheran Church | 1101 N. River Blvd. |  Wichita, KS 67203  |  316.263.0872  |