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Gloria Dei is






Gloria Dei is...

Gloria Dei was established in 1938 with 42 charter members, and presently has over 600 baptized members.

Our congregation name means “Glory to God” in Latin, and was a common name given to Lutheran congregations with a Swedish heritage.

Our vision statement is simple and straightforward, and it gets right at the heart of who we are as the people of God:


"Gathered to worship. Sent to serve."

First and foremost, we are Gathered to worship. We don’t gather ourselves, but we are gathered by the Holy Spirit. Through the means of grace—the Word and Holy Sacraments—God has called us out and gathered us as his people. We are not a voluntary organization; we don’t join of our own gumption or initiative. Rather, “the Holy Spirit has called [us] through the Gospel, enlightened us with his gifts and sanctified and kept [us] in the true faith...” (The Small Catechism, The Apostles’ Creed, Third Article).

Our highest calling as those gathered by the Holy Spirit, is to worship our Triune God. We are baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. And it is in that same name that we are gathered every Lord’s Day—gathered to offer our praise and thanks to God, to proclaim and hear the Word proclaimed in scripture, liturgy, hymn and homily, and to joyously celebrate the Holy Eucharist. Worship of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is what the angels and Church Triumphant ceaselessly do in heaven. In our Sunday gathering, we experience a foretaste of that heavenly praise. It is the source and summit of our lives as Christians.


Secondly, we are Sent to serve. Of course we serve God in worship, but we continue to serve him by serving our neighbor, after we leave worship. This service takes place as individuals in our various vocations, and also corporately as members of the Body of Christ. We serve in our families by caring for those entrusted to us, and we serve in our homes and places of employment by diligently assuming the tasks set before us. We also serve more specifically as the Church by teaching, by serving on committees and boards, by singing or playing music, by helping with any number of social ministry ventures, and on and on. Rightly understood, our whole life is one of service—service to God and service to the neighbor.

We invite you to visit Gloria Dei not only to find a warm welcome but also the hope, love and forgiveness offered to you in Word and Sacrament that will truly enrich your life.

Gathered to worship


Sent to serve.

In Christ’s Service,

The Rev. Peter C. Jacobson+STS



Through the means of grace, we are God's people
being renewed in a liturgical community that acknowledges its roots and diversity: challenging, teaching, healing,
and caring for the people of God.
We are a family in this place, the offspring of Christ,
brothers and sisters in faith.


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